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Los Angeles is changing for the worse. Entrepreneurship is displacing the working class, and a new ruling class with money and power is dead set on marginalizing the voices of opposition.
Fewer bands and artists are concerned with issues that matter. DIY punk is more complacent than it's ever been. But there are a few exceptions.
Four friends collectively known as Desidia joined forces to air out their grievances with the city they once loved through seven punk anthems for when the corner bistros and designer ice cream parlors burn down to the ground.
From start to finish, Desidia's outrage and frustration come across loud and clear as if front man -- Rene -- is berating you, mic in hand, right to your face. The soundtrack is provided by three musical brothers in arms who have all spent time creating chaos in their previous endeavors together such as Bird Strike and Wulfen Rag. The results are seven tracks of unhinged, unpolished punk flying the flag of the early hardcore spirit. Yes, the music is first and foremost punk but don't be mistaken: those breakdowns could be the cause of several emergency room visits.
Due to ever-changing life situations, the band has decided to commit seppuku. Yes, Desidia is now dead, but not buried so pay your last respects: download, share with a friend, break some shit but don't hurt anyone.

-Juan Espinosa

Recorded live at Golden Beat Recording Studio in Los Angeles, Desidia deliver a hair trigger performance, eschewing glossy bullshit. Restless, furious, confrontational—they administer an adrenaline shot to the heart of So Cal. hardcore, with bent notes, a growling bass punctuated by walloping downbeats, and a bilingual yell that’s a dead ringer for Keith Morris. Desidia know what’s essential. No frills. No pretension. No posturing. Although they harken back to trailblazers like the Middle Class, Weirdos, and the Germs, this isn’t a nostalgia trip, it’s back to basics. Back to what really matters—the anger and the catharsis. Get into it.

–Sean Arenas


released November 7, 2016

Josh: Drums
Marcos: Bass
Rene: Vocals
Daryl: Guitar

Recorded and Mixed By Andrew Schubert, Golden Beat Recording Studio
Mastered By Daniel Husayn, North London Bomb Factory Mastering
Photo by Old HC Dude



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Track Name: Alli Estas
Wake up and convince yourself
today will be a different day.
Go to bed and realize
aint nothing fucking changed.
Cuz where you go there you are.
They say it's such a sad sad shame.
They say it's all in your mind,
makes you feel fucking insane.

You can run,
You can run,
You can run run run.
Pero alli estas.

Y siempre lo estaras...
Track Name: Dig Deep
War is not in some land,
it's in our hearts and in our hands.
Madness is never ever planned,
it's in our hearts to understand.
Fear has crept into my heart,
dug in deep it tears apart.
Doubt has crept into my soul,
dug in deep it takes control.

Gonna have to dig, dig deep inside.
If I ever wanna get off of this ride.
Gonna have to push, push deep inside.
If I ever wanna get off of this line.

One two it's you!
Track Name: Rat Race
Walking down the street with my brain in my hands,
trying to find an answer I can understand.
Have I fallen off my ideal pace,
becoming a rat stuck in it's maze?

I just can't, I just can't
I just can't keep this pace.
I just can't, I just can't.
I just can't run this race.
I just can't, I just can't
I just cant burn through this blaze.
I just can't, I just can't
I just can't see through this haze.

This haze it tears me apart,
makes me feel so damn low.
Holding the hand that holds me down,
am I even in control?
Track Name: Phantasmagoria
Less stress.
Stress in excess.
No way to live.

Memories of misery.
Images of misery.
All I seem to feel and see.
Is this real or just a dream?

Just a dream.
A dream.
Track Name: Lo Que Es
I'll never be what you want.
Never look good in black and white.
Always in full color.
Always looking for the fight.
Free from want is what I want,
to wake and not feel the hunt.
Time keeps me in its tight grips,
pushing and pulling as it sees fit.

I don't want to live like this,
I just want to live my life.
You can pretend its alright,
wallowing in fake bliss.
I look around at all the pain,
and I smell the fucking piss.
They are still out on the street
where existence is pain.
Track Name: Bring It
Bring it on!
What you're really thinking.
Bring it on!
What you're really writing.
Bring it on!
And insinuating.
Bring it on!
Come on just say it...

Cuz I couldn't care less what you think.
Couldn't care less what you say.
Couldn't care less what you write.
Go ahead and insinuate.

Bring it on!
Track Name: Harto
Caminando por la calle
es tan facil encontrar
fuentes de tanta rabia
que en nada te ayudaran.

Harto de vivir
solo para trabajar.
Harto de pensar
solo para preocuparme.

Cada hora, cada dia
es lo mismo, un abismo.
Con desidia pasa el dia.
Deprimido esfuma el dia.

Y asi vivir?
Y asi morir?

No se